Rügen …amazing place on the north of Germany


You maybe know, that this blog has been only in the Czech language, but now I have decided to write an English post too. I know, that my English is not really good, but I want to improve it also  this way and show you something interesting, what I saw and experienced at the same time. So, if you want to read it, here is my first English post…

At the beginning of August 2016 I stayed with my family one week in Rügen, which I am going to  introduce to you now. Our way took 9.5 hours, because we stuck for one hour on motorway in Germany because of the traffic jam there. So we came to our accommodation 1.5 hours later than we had expected, but our mood from way to our amazing apartment improved very quickly. It was located in Nipmerow the uptown of Lohme. We had two bedrooms, one living room and small very impractical kitchen and naturally bathroom with toilet. But the best about this accommodation was the terrace with view of the sea 2 km far from there. We walked to the sea immediately in the evening and it was really beautiful view (naturally because of my second time by it). So the first experience we had on Rügen was swimming in the sea among big stones and seaweeds, because the nearest sand beach was in Glowe, which we visited the next day.



Let’s start next day. Naturally with breakfast and where else than on our terrace in a sunny morning. After breakfast we decided to go to Sagard, where was the nearest shop, because we needed some food, we had to cook everything there ourselves! Accept that the shop was opened on Sunday from 12:00,  we walked through the town, we discovered the oldest church on Rügen. Although there was an information table also in English, English information were really rare, so if you go there remember this and have German dictionary with you 🙂 After this church, we saw monument with German text, that means ‚With God for king and fatherland‘ And that was almost all, you may say and what about any square or centre? My answer is: we didn’t find any centre with square, but it is pity, because there was no life in this town. Only one group of people we met by fountain which had really extraordinary turning on. You had to stand on one of stones around this place and it was the same as the others, but it was more geometrical 🙂 so find it 😀



At the midday we bought some food, put it home and then we spent our afternoon on the beach in Glowe. The seaside was there very different than in Lohme: no stones, no seaweeds, large sand beaches, …. Believe me, swimming among  jellyfish is amazing ♥



The next day we decided to go to the nature, so we went to Jasmund, which was about 1km from our accommodation. Our way in this national nature park started in forest with beautiful silence, because we could hear only voice of birds and sea, which was placed under the path we walked along. After some time, we came down to the stone beach. We made this resolution, when we get over the muddy and very slippery path. And we made a good decision, the walk next to chalk cliffs was really unusual experience. We took a lot of photos of them, found lots of gorgeous stones, but all of them we left there and the only one thing which we took from there, were bird’s feathers. Big white feathers are such a beautiful memory of this place. The next way from beach up to Königsstuhl, our destination, should have led along the stairs, but there was a problem… They were closed because of their damage, however, we risked that on our own danger and it wasn’t so bad way 😉 When we came up to Königsstuhl, there were a lot of people! So the view of the sea wasn’t as good experience as the previous one on the beach without people. Due to those people our trip continued very soon from this place to the forest above the sea. There we could could hear the silence of nature again and it was that, what we had wanted. We walked through this forest back to Lohme and from there back to our accommodation. This day was the best one of all our trip to Rügen.



The other day was full of experiences too. We took our car and went to small town Putgarten. There we left our vehicle and walked to Kap Arkona. But first we discovered this place. We met fire station, new housing estate with houses, which had thatched roofs and due to them they really belonged to there among older houses, and lots of shops with souvenirs.



From Putgarten we continued to fishmen’s village Vitt. One (maybe the only one) of the most beautiful villages/towns we visited on Rügen. A lot of cottages, the village’s atmosphere, the stone coast with view of cliffs and lighthouse on Kap Arkona. What else do you want? And this is also the place, where we first tasted ‚Fischbrötchen‘ our most favourite meal from Rügen. If you want to know, what it is, it it a fish in roll and you can choose, how the will be prepared (fried, sauced, …)


Kap Arkona

This place we already saw from Vitt. There are two lighthouses, me and my father climbed up one of them. It was really breathtaking view of the sea, cliffs, houses in Putgarten and neverending land. Under lighthouse there we also had a picnic and than on the northest place in Rügen we swam in the sea. The water was very cold, so we were there up to 5 minutes. At the end of this day the big storm with a heavy rain came and we had to stay under the tree for half an hour! But although it had this finish, it was amazing day too!



The fourth day had really bad weather forecast, so we took our car and went to the biggest town in the part of Rügen, where we lived, Sassnitz. When we read it in German and the meaning of this pronuncation explain in Czech language, it means Nothing again, and it is true. We were looking forward to sights, small restaurants, cafés and beautiful houses, but there was almost nothing from that. Our first steps led to the port, where the rain started and than lasted all the day. There we found one café. We ordered hot chocolate and coffee and waited for the rain to stop, but unsuccessfully. My dad decided to use the rain and visit the submarine, but I, my mum and sister decided to stay in café on the coast in the port, because all the descriptions in the submarine were only in German and we don’t know it so much. And I have one caution for you, ALL TEXTS ON RÜGEN ARE ONLY IN GERMAN, ALMOST NOWHERE IN ENGLISH! But back to the Sassnitz, when our dad came back from the exposition, we went back to town searching for beautiful sightseeings, but we found only one church on the hill, where we didn´t walk because of the rain, and one street and railway station with nice architecture. So it wasn´t really nice trip (we also didn´t find any restaurant there), if you think about your visiting Rügen, Sassnitz is a place, which you don´t have to see 🙂



On the last day of our German holiday we visited the most beautiful town we have ever seen on Rügen (Vitt had its own magic but this town was the winner)  – Binz. There were a lot of tourists , amazing buildings (I mean architecture) and seaside with promenade, because it is town with spa. We naturally tried the see there too and it wasn´t as cold as in Kap Arkona, but there were more people than in Glowe, but nevermind we enjoyed it a lot ♥



I hope you enjoyed my first English post and discovered that Rügen is very beautiful place to visit. And what about you have you ever been there? What are your experiences? And shall I continue with writing in English sometimes too? 

Say it to me in comments! Have a nice weekend!


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